Here is a glossary of terms to be used on this site.

Damage Types:

Fire: Burns the enemy and keeps damaging them as long as they are in the air. instantly causes a blast box to explode. Ex: Falcon Punch

Sword: cuts the foe with a blade or similar weapon. Generally has medium high knockback and has extra power against sheilds. Ex: Link's Smash attacks

Electric: electrocutes the foe has generally high knock back, but if it has no knockback, it has the side effect of paralysis. Ex: Thunderjolt

Darkness: Similar to fire, but more powerful, and it has a poison effect which effects the foe longer. It does not cause blast boxes to explode. Ex. Warlock Punch

Ice: uses cold to damage an enemy. Each attack has a differant chance of freezing an enemy. Ex. Freezie

Energy Blast: launches an energy projectile at the foe. Has verying levels of power. Ex. Charge Shot

Physical: any other unclassifiable attack Ex. Giant Punch

Item Types:

Powerup: Any items that are not used directly for an attack, but effect the person who uses it. It can include powering up that smasher or healing them

Melee Weapon: a weapon that is used for close-combat. Each character has a specific Smash attack for melee weapons. ( of varying degrees of power depending on the weapon)

Sniping Weapon: a weapon that launches energy projectiles. Can be thrown , but has little melee use .

Projectile: A weapon that should be launched at the enemy

Summon: Calls an ally to the battle.

Container: a projectile item that has an/some item(s) inside.

Other Terms:

Smash attack: a charged normal attack. It is often physical, but it may have any of the above mentioned types involved

Special attack: Attacks of varying powers and uses, every Smasher has four special attacks. some are weaker than smash attacks, while some are considerably stronger

Final Smash: A super powerful attack, charged with the smash ball. Each smasher has but one, however, it is almost always super powerful , but they have varying uses.

KO: Getting knocked off the stage to the point where you cannot revover means you lose a point and the person who forces you off gets a point.

Meteor smash: Any attack that spikes you straight down. Useful for KOing.

Wall Jump: Certain characters have extreme agility and speed, to the point where when between walls, they can succsesivly climb higher, while still being able to jump.

Army Crawl: Some characters can crawl along the ground to avoid damage.