This page contains pictures and information on all the items that should be on the next super smash bros.

Beamsword: a melee weapon made for the smash bros. series . A lightsaber knock-off, which causes sword damage. The smash attack has high damage and medium knockback This item is featured on the side panel.

Homerun Bat: a melee weapon made for the smash bros. series. Its light attacks do little damage, but its smash attack almost allways results in a one hit KO if connected. It also has a decent dash attack homerun batt

Super Mushroom: a powerup hailing from Super Mario Bros. this item causes the one who touches it to become larger and stronger. the affected player is also about twice as heavy.

Super Mushroom

Poison Mushroom: a powerup form Super mario bros. this item causes the person who touches it to decrese in size and power, however, they gain mobility in the air. The affected Player is about .7 times as heavy

Poison Shroom

Fan: A melee Weapon made especially for the Super Smash Bros. Series. it has weak melee properties, but has high knockback when thrown and its smash attack has an automatic sheild breaker Fan

Bumper: a projcetile hailing From the Original Super Smash Bros. When thrown it has high knock back, but does little damage. It can stop midair or on the ground, and acts as a trap. When touched, it does no damage but has high knockback