Super Mario Brothers was a series of video games centered namely on platforming. Mario, however, fanned off in several directions with differing genres, howver the main series has remained platforming, even in 3D. the main object of the games was generally to get through bowser's obstacles and rescue the Kidnapped Princess Peach, althought there was always variations.

In Super Smsh Bros. victory, the following Super Mario Bros. Characters would be Playable:



Dr. Mario




In addition to the characters, Super Mario Bros has the following assist trophies

Geno: (geno whirl) Once summoned, Geno, charges a rotating disc on his hand. after about 4 seconds he fires it. If it hits anyone, they will be deliviered heavy damage and could possibly be KO'd in one hit


Hammer Brother: Once summoned, the hammer Brother begins tossing moderatly damaging hammers

. Hammer Brother


Bowser Jr.: Once summoned, Bowser Jr. paints the screen one of three colors: red, purple, and blue. If red, every player recieves fire damage for 3 seconds. If purple, every player receieves darkness damage for 3 seconds. if Blue, every player is put to sleep. This does not affect the player who summoned him.

Bowser Jr.