The Legend of Zelda is an action/rpg series that has long been a nintendo Mainstay. The games feature the Legendary Hero Of Time, Link, journeying accros the vast land of Hyrule to to Save Zelda from the Evil Gannon . The Following characters are playable :




Toon Link

Young Link


In addition to the characters, Zelda has the following assist trophies

Tingle: When summoned, Tingle randomly summons a variety of strange effects.

  • He can inflate lots of balloons and float off the stage. The balloons can lift characters, but will not give any damage.
  • He can cause a Hammer and Golden Hammer shower
  • He can create a Banana Peel effect. This makes all opponents slip constantly until Tingle disappears.
  • He can burst into flames, which gives everybody a Superspicy Curry effect.
  • He can produce a flower graphic. This will then zoom the camera in on the character who summoned him.

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